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Event Details

Dress Rehearsal: Monday, June 6th

5-9pm (dancers will not be required to stay all 4 hours)

Year End Show: Tuesday, June 7th *tentative times*

Show 1 | 5:30-6:30pm– Only Twirl Pink, Twirl Lilac, and Twirl Yellow

Show 2 | 7-9pm- All 6 yr old and up classes

Location: The Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School

1001 W 84th Ave, Federal Heights, CO 80260

Fearless Motion Dance Center’s fourth annual Year End Show will be on Tuesday, June 7th with Dress Rehearsal on Monday, June 6th. Your child works all year long to be prepared for this final event. PLEASE put the dates on your calendar now, so scheduling conflicts do not arise. Every year the show will be based around an exciting theme. Stay tuned!

If you are not participating in the Year End Show, complete this form Year End Show Withdrawal Form.  

General Info

  • Choreography for the Year End Show will start in February. Those who are not interested in participating in the show, will need to complete the Year End Show Withdrawal Form by December 14th. If we don’t receive notification by December 14th, you will be charged all Year End Show fees (show fee + costume fee). 
  • We automatically assume all enrolled students will be participating in the Year End Show. Students are allowed to take class, even if they aren’t going to participate in the show. However, the last few months leading up to the show are very choreography heavy.
  • Dance does teach valuable life lessons and we want you to remember that withdrawing a child from class after choreography has started affects all the other students as well. We strongly encourage all students to participate in this amazing event!

Year End Show Fees

  • Costume Fee $85 (tights included if needed) charged to your account December15th
  • Show Fee $35 charged to your account March 15th

Dress Rehearsal

  • Monday, June 6th 5-9pm. More details will be shared, and dancers will not be required to stay all 4 hours.
  • All students MUST be at the dress rehearsal in order to perform in the show, NO EXCEPTIONS. Students need this opportunity to get comfortable dancing in their costume, get familiar with the big stage, get their jitters out, etc. This rule will be strictly enforced to be fair to all who make the commitment.


  • $85 per class (tights included if needed). 
  • The costume fee will be charged on December 15th to your account. If you have not completed the Year End Show Withdrawal Form, we automatically assume you are participating in the show. 
  • If costume fees are not paid in full by December 15th, extra fees will apply and there is no guarantee a costume will be available.
  • Starting November 29th, we will start measuring for costumes. Don’t worry, we take into account any growth your child may experience. However, costumes occasionally still don’t fit perfectly when they arrive. Any necessary adjustments are your responsibility.
  • Costumes will be ordered right after payment is collected, December 15th. We need to ensure costumes arrive in time for our show (shipping and supply shortages are affecting everything).
  • Costume fees are non refundable. If you withdraw from a class, after your costume has been ordered, you may pick it up after the Year End Show.
  • All costumes are yours after the show.
  • Detailed information about hair, makeup, etc will be shared in April. If you do not have the appropriate dress code shoes yet, make sure you get them soon. Students will not be allowed to perform without proper dress code shoes.

Show Fee

  • $35.00 per student. 
  • This helps cover the cost associated with renting the theater, lighting, sound system, staff, etc.
  • The show fee will be charged to your account on March 15th.
  • No refunds will be given for the Show Fee.

Tickets & Year End Show Shirts

  • Tickets will go on sale in May- more information to come.
  • Year End Show Shirts (with the theme) will be available to purchase- more information to come.

We want to ensure that we answer any/all of your questions. So please don’t hesitate to reach out!!! Continue to read all of our Year End Show information that will be communicated via email, text, and social media.

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