Performance Group

The Fearless Motion Dance Center Performance Group is a non-competitive group, open to all students 5-18 yrs, that focuses on performing in the local community. This is an opportunity to learn and develop as a team and show the artistry dance offers

Why you should participate in FMDC’s Performance group:

  1. Fun, fun, and more FUN!!!

  2. Be a part of a team. Get to know your fellow dancers.

  3. Share your love of dance with the community.

  4. This is an opportunity to perform.

  5. A chance to continue to develop your dance skills.

  6. Build confidence (getting in front of a group of people can be scary at times).

While the performance group is all about fun, FMDC does have a few requirements.

Eligibility & Requirements  

  1. Be 5-18 years old.

  2. You must be enrolled in 1 weekly class for the 2019/2020 dance season.

  3. You must participate in either 1 summer camp or take part in the summer open classes (there is a 5 class or 10 class pack).

  4. You must be able available on the performance and rehearsal dates.

  5. You must commit to at least two of the performance opportunities.

Performance Opportunities (may include):

  1. At least one performance in the summer…. Superior 4th of July Parade and Pancake Festival (will participate in parade). SIGN UP FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW!

  2. At least one performance in the fall...TBA

  3. At least one performance in the spring (outside of the Year End Show)...TBA

  4. Please note there may be more performance opportunities than listed here. We will be sure to announce these as soon as possible.


  1. Time outside of your normal weekly class will need to be dedicated to the performance group.

  2. Depending on the performance, rehearsals will range in length and consistency.

Cost of Performance Group

  1. $20 per rehearsal.

  2. T-shirt: $25.00, will be used for all the performances all year long.

Fall Performance Group Opportunity is TBA…stay tuned!