Welcome to FMDC!


FMDC was founded in January 2018 by sisters, Brianna, and Callie Frey. FMDC is so excited to have you join them in their inaugural year as a dance studio. FMDC offers classes for those being introduced to dance all the way to those wanting to pursue dance professionally. Fearless Motion offers a studio full of strong technique, excellent artistry, and a family focused center.


Mission Statement

Fearless Motion Dance Center provides a dance education program that allows every individual student to be fearless, bold, and creative within the art form of dance and in their practice of yoga, while fostering an encouraging and accepting environment.



Not only are we training dancers for dance and yogis for yoga, but FMDC IS ALSO TRAINING THEM FOR LIFE! FMDC gets to help shape their students into compassionate, fearless, kind human beings. Everything learned in dance or in yoga can be applied outside of the studio walls.


FMDC cares deeply about their students understanding the following:

- How to be passionate about something that leads to creating dreams, and goals

- How to work as a team, and uplift the dancer/yogi next to them

- Be mindful of your body, thoughts, and actions

- Learning about individual strengths, and weaknesses

- Learning about respect, and time management


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