Summer’s with FMDC!

The summer doesn’t stop FMDC from dancing!

Get ready for the heat wave of fun coming your way! With multiple summer camps and open classes, there is something for everyone. FMDC couldn’t be more excited that Summer Camp Registration is open! Click HERE to register. Please note, you will still pay the $35.00 registration fee, but this is applied towards your total. Your total will be charged the day you register in the summer camp/class, as this holds your spot. 

FMDC can’t wait to spend the summer with you! 

Give it a Twirl Ages 2.5-3 yrs old

Plié Princess/Prince Camp Ages 3-5 yrs old

Broadway Bound Ages 6-10 yrs old

Dance Passport Ages 8-12 yrs old

FMDC Dance Party Ages 5-10 yrs old

Open Classes Ages 6-16 yrs old