Yoga Class Descriptions

What is Yoga?

Yoga is many different things to many different people. The yoga that many of us are familiar with today is Hatha yoga. Hatha can be defined as “willful” or “forceful”, or the yoga of activity. There are many different forms/styles of Hatha yoga. You might be familiar with a few: Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar, Power Yoga, etc. These styles focus on the postures or asanas that many of us are now familiar.

FMDC focuses on the Vinyasa style. Vinyasa, means ‘to place in a special way’. We flow (creating a sequence)- connecting one breath to one movement. The pace is a little quicker, but is still accessible to all levels. Upbeat music also helps you stay engaged and focused. Yoga is a healing practice for both the body and mind and encompasses different elements of breath and meditation.

FMDC offers both kids yoga and adult yoga. All adult classes are open to those 13 years or older. Find the kids Yoga schedule HERE.

Yoga for Adults: Level 1

Basic, foundation poses are introduced and explained, using common terms. Class is a little slower paced, starting with sun salutations, working on a basic sequence, while still integrating breath to movement. We practice Santosha- being content with where we are in our practice.

Yoga for Adults: Level 2

More challenging flows are taught with an emphasis on breath. Peak poses, sanskrit and inversions/arm balances are introduced. While this class is taught with a higher intensity, it still allows you to connect your mind, movement, and breath.

Yoga for Adults: Restorative (all levels welcome)

Make time for yourself, by resetting your mind and body. The movement is gentle, holding most poses 3-5 minutes. Props (yoga blocks, the wall, etc) are used to aid in holding/getting deeper in the poses. This class is all about relaxing and slowing down.