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With a focus on fun in a family-friendly environment, Fearless Motion Dance Center is quickly becoming recognized as an outstanding recreational dance school.

We take pride in teaching our young students about dance and yoga, while showing them how to be a compassionate, fearless and kind human being.

About Fearless Motion Dance Center

Located within Superior, Colorado, Fearless Motion Dance Center is the ideal dance and yoga school for beginners and recreational dance students of all ages within the Boulder County region.

To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Classes start for children 18 months old (with Mommy joining in) and continue through to our adult yoga sessions. We keep class numbers small so each student gets the attention they deserve.

The teachers at Fearless Motion Dance Center are educated, knowledgeable, and passionate, with a commitment to providing elite customer service.

Choose from a range of class options and enroll today.

Weekly Classes



Our vision is to create a world where everyone can access the magic of dance. We have witnessed first hand how dance can build character, confidence and friendships. This beautiful, enriching sport is an incredible tool to teach body awareness, self-discipline and teamwork. Through our service of teaching dance, we strive to provide exceptional coaching and leadership to our students. While striving to instill the importance of etiquette and manners, we also focus on good self-esteem and positive body image.

Our Teachers

 FMDC is owned by sister duo Brianna and Callie Frey, who are Colorado natives. With a combined experience of 22 years in the dance field, Callie and Brianna wanted a studio to call their own so they could share their passion for dance and yoga. It all started with a dream, which led to finding the perfect community to open their studio.

Passionate Dance Teachers

Brianna Frey | Co-Owner

Ms Brianna brings a strong administrative, and customer service background to serve as the studio’s Business Director and Yoga Lead. She trained extensively in dance for 18 years, and for the past ten years has committed herself to her yoga practice. Her strong organizational skills, intuitive business sense, and passion for sharing her knowledge with others allows for FMDC to be fully supported. She is certified nationally by Yoga Alliance 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). Her yoga classes offer a time to focus on oneself, and their mind-body connection. This has made her realize the importance of offering yoga to children, as well, as adults.

Passionate Dance Teachers Superior

Callie Frey | Co-Owner

Ms Callie has a BA in Dance, with a focus on Performance and Choreography. For the past ten years Callie has been able to perfect and test her teaching techniques on her students throughout the US. She has had the opportunity to worked in multiple facets of the dance world including, on the stage, in the studio, coordinating performance, scheduling guest artist, and choreographing. She has won multiple awards for her choreography, and her choreography has placed within the top ten at numerous regional competitions nationwide. Ms Callie is passionate about instilling strong technique, and a passion for dance in every student she teaches.

Passionate Dance Teachers Superior

Ms Alex

Alex has always had a love for the body’s movement functions and sharing her knowledge with others. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, she moved to Denver to further her career as a Modern dancer and teacher. She believes with dedication and a consistent movement practice, we can all grow as individuals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. She is very excited to be teaching with Fearless Motion Dance Center.

Ms Hanna

Hanna, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has danced at Fancy Feet Dance Studio and continued her interest in dance to the University of Colorado Boulder. She graduated last May with a BA in dance with dual minors in anthropology and business. Studying these three different areas has allowed her a stronger command of engaging dance as a multifaceted, interdisciplinary experience through the direction of her professors Erika Randall, Gesel Mason, Helanius J. Wilkins, Chrissy Nelson, Larry Southall, and many others. Ghadessi has performed in 11 shows for the dance department while at CU. She was also the scholarship recipient at CU for the Noel and Terry Hefty scholarship program, as well as the Redmond Scholarship. After graduating, she has been focusing on hip-hop dances as well as contemporary and teaching in the Denver area at local dance studios. Hanna is also currently training with the prestigious Rennie Harris’ Grassroots Training Group and core member of Moraporvida Dance Company.

Ms Sarah

Sarah is an award winning choreographer and dancer. She is skilled in the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, ballroom, and hip hop. Sarah performs and teaches throughout the Denver area as resident and guest faculty, and has performed and taught across the country for tap festivals, master class requests, and to set competition choreography.  She is certified through Dance Masters of America, has a Master’s Degree in Physiology and Business Administration, and has been passionately teaching recreational, competitive, pre-professional, and professional dancers for nearly 20 years. Sarah co-founded the Mile High City Tap Festival in 2020.