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COVID Safety Procedures/Guidelines

  • All classes are limited to 9 students. 
  • The lobby is closed- only students are allowed in the building. 
  • Masks are required for all students and teachers the entire time they are in the building. 
  • Before entering, each student’s temperature is taken and hand sanitizer is provided. 
  • Students enter through the front door and exit through the backdoor, so there isn’t overlap/interaction between classes. They will be let in one at a time. 
  • The floor has been marked to direct traffic flow. Each dancer has a ‘dance box’ to dance in and will always stay 6 feet apart while going across the floor. 
  • After class, each dancer is dismissed one at a time to pack up, exits through the back door and is picked up on the West side of the building. 
  • To ensure proper ventilation, the studio door will remain open and the backdoor will remain open to the outside as much as possible (weather permitting). 
  • High touch areas will be cleaned between classes. 
  • The water fountain is closed- bring a water bottle. 

General Procedures – Dance

  • At FMDC we like to keep every child as safe as possible. We do not allow any child under the age of 10 to exit to the parking lot unattended. If your child needs to leave early let the front desk know by emailing [email protected] and they will come into class to get your child.

  • In order to keep the flow of classes running smoothly, we kindly ask all students to be picked up at the conclusion of class. Due to COVID, capacity within our building is limited.

  • FMDC and staff will assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Please write your child’s name on all items (dance shoes, dance bag, water bottle, etc.)

  • FMDC’s lobby is only open to staff and dancers. No parents allowed.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the studio. Water only!

  • Dance shoes are meant to be worn in the studio only. When leaving FMDC, please change into your street shoes. Street shoes are not allowed in the dance studio.

  • If your child is going to be absent please notify the studio. Review our makeup class policy for any missed classes.


  • An annual registration fee of $35 for the 1st student, and $25 for each additional student, is due at the time of registration. Your registration fee holds your place in class and is non-refundable.

  • For your convenience we have broken tuition into 9 monthly payments (September-May). All monthly tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month, and monthly tuition payments are automatically charged to a debit or credit card on file. If your tuition is not paid by the 5th of the month a $35 fee will be added to your invoice. Students will not be allowed in class if their tuition is not paid in full, by the 15th of the month. Accounts more than 60 days past due may be submitted to collection services.

  • Each monthly payment is the same regardless of missed classes, cancellations,  and holidays. Refunds (no exceptions) will not be issued for missed classes or holidays. If possible, a makeup class is suggested (see makeup class policies below). If you are enrolled in the Fall session, we will assume that you are continuing to the Spring session.

  • For a breakdown of tuition payments please click HERE.


  • Those who want to withdraw from class, must give notification 15 days before the next billing cycle (the first of the month). Withdrawal forms are available at the front desk and must be turned into the front desk staff. Example: Let us know by September 15th, if you would like to withdraw, so you won’t be billed for October.

  • Please remember tuition payments cover the entire month- no refunds are issued for early withdrawal. You are responsible for payment until the written notice is received.


  • For inclement weather, FMDC class cancellations will be posted on the website, Facebook, Instagram and sent via email and text message to the classes impacted.

  • Please be aware that we don’t necessarily follow Boulder County School District closings, as roads are often cleared by the time most studio classes begin.

  • You may take a makeup class through the Virtual Dance Center for these cancelled classes – refunds will not be given for cancelled classes due to weather.


  • We appreciate if you are able to inform FMDC as soon as possible, if your child is not going to be able to attend the regularly scheduled class time, due to illness, family emergency, etc.

  • You may take a makeup class through the Virtual Dance Center. Due to limited class sizes, make up classes will be conducted through the FMDC Virtual Dance Center. A selection of on-demand classes will be available. This is a great opportunity to try a different style (ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, yoga).

  • Keep in mind, if your child misses classes on a regular basis, this will inhibit your child to gain the knowledge needed to proceed to the next level. No refunds are given for missed classes.


  • Students not in the proper attire could be asked to sit, watch, and take notes during class. No loose jewelry is permitted or gum chewing.

  • For all ballet classes hair MUST be in a bun. For all other classes, hair must be pulled back neatly out of face.

  • All dance shoes (including sneakers for hip-hop) must NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE.

  • Find FMDC’s full Dress Code breakdown under Dress-Code Guidelines.


Private lessons are available upon request. Please keep in mind that all requests are subject to style, teacher, space availability, and need. ALL FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

  • 1hr = $80
  • 45min= $58
  • 30min= $45


  • FMDC wants to keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest news. All class information and announcements will be posted on the website, social media, and sent via email. It is each parent’s and student’s responsibility to read the latest announcements.

  • Monthly newsletters arrive in your inbox on the first of the month.

  • We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs and studio. Please call 720-768-2485 or email [email protected]


FMDC holds an annual Year End Show, showcasing everything the dancers have learned over the year. Please keep in mind this a wonderful moment for the students to experience being on a stage, dressing in costume, and performing. While participation is encouraged, it is not required. Year End Show dates will be announced in early Fall. Students who do not want to participate in the year end show, need to let the front desk know by the end of November.


FMDC charges an $85 costumes fee which includes tights and a $35 Show Fee.  Please note there is a costume fee for every individual class your child takes.


  • September 8th: Season 3 starts
  • October 31st: Halloween- Trunk or Treat – Performance Group
  • November 25th-29th: Thanksgiving Break- CLOSED
  • December 20th- January 3rd: Winter Break- CLOSED
  • January 18th- MLK Day: OPEN….classes taking place
  • February 15th- Presidents Day: OPEN…classes taking place
  • March 21st-March 28th- Spring Break: CLOSED
  • May 31st- Memorial Day: CLOSED
  • June 11th- Last day of classes for the season???
  • June 12th/13th- Year End Show???
  • June 14th- June 27th: CLOSED…no classes
  • July & August: Summer camps and Summer memberships TBA
  • September 7th (after Labor Day): Season 4 starts