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Hanna Ghadessi

Dance Instructor


Hanna Ghadessi, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has danced at Fancy Feet Dance Studio and continued her interest in dance to the University of Colorado Boulder. She graduated last May with a BA in dance with dual minors in anthropology and business. Studying these three different areas has allowed her a stronger command of engaging dance as a multifaceted, interdisciplinary experience through the direction of her professors Erika Randall, Gesel Mason, Helanius J. Wilkins, Chrissy Nelson, Larry Southall, and many others.

Ghadessi has performed in 11 shows for the dance department while at CU. She was also the scholarship recipient at CU for the Noel and Terry Hefty scholarship program, as well as the Redmond Scholarship. After graduating, she has been focusing on hip-hop dances as well as contemporary and teaching in the Denver area at local dance studios. Ghadessi is also currently training with the prestigious Rennie Harris’ Grassroots Training Group and core member of Moraporvida Dance Company.